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Practice Areas

The firm undertakes various briefs in the different sectors of Law and has been involved in the following:

Intellectual Property Law

Intellectual property law including registration of patents, Trademarks copyright, franchising and

Constitutional Law

Constitutional law including advising on compliance and filing and defending of petitions.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Corporate and Commercial Law in particular

Employment and Labour Law

Employment and Labour relations including development of contracts advising on labour issues whether contentious or non-contentious

Real estate and property management

Real estate and property management. We advise clients on all areas including planning, due diligence, structuring of projects and execution till perfection of documents.

Procurement Law

Procurement law; we advise clients on compliance within the laws and also file and defending claims at the relevant tribunal in high court and the court of appeal of Kenya.

General litigation in the Magistrate court, High Court and Court of Appeal of Kenya

General Practice of Law including advising on Capital Markets, including; public issues of Corporate Debt and Equity, Securities, Privatisation, Governmental and Parastatal Contracts, Mining and Prospecting law, Labour and Immigration Law, Debt collection, International Tax and Trade Law, Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Law and Practice, Wills, Settlements and Estate Administration, Arbitration and Incorporation of Companies.